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Recycling facility

Are you intending to build a new MRF or facing the necessity to retrofit your existing recycling facility? Then you’ve come to the right place.
We’re consulting engineers with 20 years of experience and support you in making future-proof investment decisions.
We’re having the business licenses of consulting engineering and management consultancy.


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Process flow diagrams
Mass balance
Technical Feasibility

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Feasibility study

Business Case​
Profit and Loss Statement

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Factory planning

Detailed concept​
Plant logistics​
Storage areas​
Battery limits

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Technical documents​
Grant applications​
Declaratory requests​
Expert opinions

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Tender documents​

Tender specification​
Bid evaluation​
Award criteria​
Contract review

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with investors, owners and project teams for decision making

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Acquisition process​

External moderation​
Asset value determination​
Optimization potential​
CAPEX retrofitting

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Concept verification

Second opinion​
Capability concept​
Adequacy CAPEX ​
Proof of concept

Planning process

  • Process flow diagram​
  • Mass balance
  • Layout​
  • Technical feasibility​
  • CAPEX​
  • Business Case​
  • SWOT- analysis​
  • Profit & Loss Statement​
Factory planning
  • Detail concept​
  • Plant logistics
  • Storage areas​
  • Battery limits​
  • Technical documents​
  • Grant applications
  • ​Declaratory requests​
  • Expert opinions
  • Tender documents​
  • Bid evaluation
  • Award criteria​
  • Contract review

Focus areas

Recycling facilty
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Plastic recycling (PET; PO etc.)
  • Sorting of light packaging waste (yellow bag, yellow bin)
  • Construction and Demolition waste (C&D)
  • Commercial waste sorting (C&I)
  • Paper and cardboard sorting
  • Sorting of residual municipal waste
  • Recycling of residues
  • Textile sorting

We’ve come from execution to consulting and planning. Almost 20 years of international experience in the fields of waste management and recycling give us the tools to conceive high-performance systems.
Our focus is on technical feasibility and staying within your budget without compromising on performance. Thanks to a close-knit international network, we are highly familiar with the best available separation technologies.

Furthermore, we have long-lasting relationships with complementary experts in a wide variety of areas. This allows us to act as a one stop solution design office and to optimize all critical interfaces.

In addition to English, we speak fluently German, French, and Spanish.

About us


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  • Studies for light waste packaging sorting lines
  • Concept study for the integration of a polymer recycling plant
  • Pre-engineering and tendering of an integrated polymer recycling facility
  • Feasibility study for the conversion of a thermal waste recycling plant
  • Market study for the development potential of plastic recycling plants in the DACH region

We’re members of the following associations

Verband Österreichischer Entsorgungsbetriebe

Kunststoff-Cluster Business Upper Austria – OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur

International Solid Waste Association Austria

Contact us

Wünschendorf 230
8200 Gleisdorf

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